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I am a solid-state chemist interested in materials to solve global energy challenges through my research projects from Northwestern University, my fast-charging battery start-up Nyobolt Limited, and my technical consultancy Niobe Energy LLC. At Northwestern University, I set-up a battery lab and developed research projects related to lithium-ion batteries, 'beyond Li' battery chemistries, and semiconductors, working jointly between the Dept. of Chemistry and the Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering with Professors Ken Poeppelmeier and Jeff Snyder. I completed my PhD in Chemistry with Professor Clare Grey at the University of Cambridge after obtaining my BS in Chemistry from Indiana University.

My research incorporates advanced characterization methods to obtain atomic-level insights on mechanisms of operation and degradation in functional materials, especially high-rate lithium-ion batteries. In the lab, I synthesize new materials, conduct electrochemistry, and use tools including solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. I also regularly visit particle accelerators and nuclear reactors to perform X-ray spectroscopy (XAS, XANES, EXAFS) and high-resolution X-ray and neutron diffraction. Though primarily an experimentalist, I dive into electronic structure calculations to help guide or explain my research and I work closely with theorist collaborators.

In addition to hosting my published work, this site serves as a directory to scientific software, textbooks, and online resources that may be of use in the areas of solid-state chemistry, inorganic spectroscopy, powder diffraction, solid-state NMR, XAS, and electronic structure.