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NPR segment and video Interview with KPBS San Diego

Matt Reynolds and Grace Browne from Wired interviewed me to try to get to the bottom of some common beliefs about the lithium-ion batteries powering our mobile devices.

Graphic by Andy Brunning of Compound Interest based on my research

Click the title or this link to go to the Compound Interest page and see all of Andy's incredible chemistry graphics, including one for every element during the International Year of the Periodic Table #IYPT2019

Radio interview with Kelly Cutrara of Global News Radio 640 Toronto

kent griffith interview.mp3

Presentation (visuals to follow along with the podcast)


Clare and I wrote an article on battery safety and the prospective role of ceramic all-solid-state batteries. Click the link above and see pages 20–21 of the departmental publication Chem@Cam for the full article.

The Register (London)

Image: Rustomji et al. Science 2017, 356, 1351.